Timber Paling

Camalot Fencing

A traditional Timber paling fence is our most affordable type of fence we supply to the Sydney area. Don’t let that fool you though. With a treated pine finish our timber paling fence adds a crisp natural beauty to any property. Or, if you’re looking to customize your fence, our treated pine timber paling fence is easily paintable or stainable.

Sourced from the best plantation grown renewable pine forests, this sturdy paling is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option whose eye catching finish evokes images of hot Aussie summers enjoying backyard cricket and snags on the barbie.

An Australian classic, all our timber paling fences come with the option of either timber or metal posts with heights ranging between 0.9 to 2.4 metres. With our highly resilient treated pine resisting the worst the Australian weather can throw at it while combating even the most motivated of termites and pests, your timber paling fence is an appealing boundary, built your way, that will stand the test of time, and is offered in a variety of styles including;

  • Standard paling
  • Lap and Cap
  • Lapped paling
  • Colonial
  • Federation