The Inner West

Camalot Fencing

Providing a community feel within a big city setting, Sydney’s Inner West is an eclectic mix of culture and cuisine that reflects the multicultural background of those who proudly call it home.

It is an escape from the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s CBD. A place where weekend markets and intimate bars provide the meeting grounds to catch up with old mates, and the chance to make new ones.

From the historic sandstone of Sydney University through the quiet and contemplative back streets of Newtown. The busy and bustling Balmain across to Leichhardt’s laneways. Get lost among Glebe markets. Dive into the shopping on Rozelle’s Darling Street. Or soak up the sun as you amble around Leichhardt’s beautiful Bay Run.

We know that Sydney’s proud Inner West is home to all types. And that’s why we’re committed to keeping all types of Inner West homes proudly fenced too.