North Shore

Camalot Fencing

A financial hub by day. An urban adventure by night. Sydney’s North shore may stand in the shadow of the more well-known Sydney skyline, but it is in no way a second rate destination.

Sporting ovals and sun splashed pubs and restaurants provide a livability that’s Sydney’s best kept secret. Unless you’re lucky enough to call the North Shore home, then it’s a secret you already know.

Wander Kirribilli market, one of Sydney’s oldest cultural events. Or take in the smiling face of Luna Park, welcoming adults and children alike for over 70 years. The hippest bars and restaurants attract those who realise there’s one thing the North Shore has that Sydney CBD never will – the chance to live in the city with the space to breathe.

Locals know that the view from the North Shore is beautiful no matter where you look. Just like we endeavour to make the view from the front yard to your fence beautiful everytime you look too.